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A New Kind of Air Service
Daily flights to over 300 NW destinations!
  • Imagine On-demand Flights
  • Imagine flying direct to your destination
  • Imagine Affordable Fares
  • Serving:   Oregon, Washington, S. British Columbia, Idaho, NW. Utah, W. Montana, N. California, Nevada
Reservations: 1-866-Sky Taxi


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Airlines Serving Corvallis

Avia Flight Services - 757-2842
Bertea Aviation - 753-4466
Sky Taxi - (866)759-8294

Helicopter Transport Services - 754-2400
Oregon Pilots Assoc. - 929-4087
Reliant Aviation Inc. - 928-3232

Corvallis Airport - 766-6783
Eugene Airport - (541)682-5430
Portland Airport - (877)739-4636